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World Tea, Coffee Expo in Mumbai

Engaged in the promotion of the Tea sector in India and abroad, the Tea Board of India, shall showcase the best of Indian teas at an exclusive Pavilion at India's only International trade show dedicated to the Tea & Coffee Sectors, "World Tea & Coffee Expo" (WTCE) in October in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, INDIA.

The Tea Board of India Pavilion at WTCE 2015 shall comprise of leading companies like Golden Tips Tea Co Ltd, VarieTea, Makaibari Tea, Simla Tea Co Ltd, to name a few.

Tea Board of India is at the forefront of making India the leading producer and supplier of quality tea in the global market and also works towards the upgradation of this vital sector encouraging use of latest technology, devising export policies, ensuring labor welfare and spreading education.

The World Tea & Coffee Expo (orldteacoffeeexpo,com) is a truly global expo with exhibitors from over 8 countries and visitors from over 10 countries.

The 3rd Edition shall also have buying delegations from Sri Lanka, and Dubai in addition to a buying delegation of 20 members from Vietnam led by Vu Van Tam, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development,Vietnam. .

WTCE is successful in bringing together the industry leaders under a single roof and determines trends, creates awareness on optimization of product lines, enables networking with peers, industry stalwarts, academia and government officials.

Hot Beverages are popular across the world and are witnessing positive growth since the last few years thanks to intensive marketing campaigns by players, launch of innovative products, the emergence of upscale cafes offering convenience, affordability and quality.

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