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Pegasus Reef Hotel to host annual ‘Singing Christmas Tree 2015’

T Pegasus Reef Beach Hotel in Hendala Wattala is geared for the Christmas holiday with an array of magical lifestyle experiences to help patrons celebrate the season in style by embracing the Christmas spirit.The annual ‘Singing Christmas Tree’ will be on Sunday, December 20 with the attendance of Pegasus Reef Hotel guests, cooperate clients and travel agents and members of the local community.Located in a predominately Christian area which celebrates the Christmas season with great pride, and as part of its commitment to celebrating all cultures and religions, Pegasus Reef Hotel has prepared a variety of Christmas events to run throughout the season.Singing Christmas Tree 2015’, will feature the Palliyawatta Church Choir along with 20 children from the Preethipura Orphanage. The staff has also arranged gifts to be distributed among the children from the Preethipura orphanage at the event.

Christmas and New Year festivities have been celebrated by the hotel since its inception and continue to be a key highlight in the hotel’s annual events calendar.  The ‘Singing Christmas tree 2015’ line-up is:Commenting on the event, Harsha Jayasinghe - Resident Manager , Pegasus Reef Hotel said, “We are proud to celebrate our Christmas festivities with our annual Singing Christmas Tree event, a long-standing tradition at this hotel. The Christmas season is very important for us, and we look forward to celebrate this time with our guests and members of the local community. This year is also special as we celebrate with the children from the Preethipura Home. We look forward to hosting our guests during this very important festive season and welcome guests to join our celebrations which will include carols and a delicious Christmas Eve buffet.”

Salvaged from a mangrove swamp, Pegasus Reef Beach Hotel made its entrance into the hospitality industry in the early 1970s. Its exotic surroundings with spectacular beach views seamlessly blend with the restful tranquility of the area. Conveniently located 20kms away from Bandaranaike International Airport and in close proximity to Colombo, Pegasus Reef Beach Hotel is remodeled and furnished with the most modern amenities.The hotel offers its guests a four star hotel experience, unlike any other and keeps its guests enthralled with a view of the Colombo Port, with its beautifully anchored ships, the historic Lighthouse and the Dikkowita Fishery Harbour.

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