oday, businesses have every reason to be concerned about the rising threats faced in the connected environment. Therefore, it is important for organizations to seriously consider cyber security as a part of their core-businesses. By focusing on technology powered innovation, businesses need to maintain sustainable risk management actions against the evolving threats in the business landscape.

A number of high profile attacks including ransomware attacks and hacking incidents have occurred in the recent past, mainly because of enterprise security breaches. Similar incidents can happen to anyone, at any time. Defending businesses against internet based threats is increasingly complex as internet hosted malware becomes ever more sophisticated. Failure to adequately protect businesses could lead to loss of data, valuable information, revenue, brand reputation and customer loyalty and confidence.

“We are always vigilant and have closely looked at how cybercrime is evolving, who these ruthless criminals are, and how to fight back and be protected. So, it’s time to look differently at cyber security: move beyond the jargon and understand the real risks of the digital world. The hard reality is that all firms face cyber attacks. Any business is a potential target. Therefore, those in leadership in organizations need to analyze the possible threat of cyber security, when they are in the boardrooms to prepare strategic and business plans. Decisions to adopt enterprise level managed security services are essential to survive, without getting into more trouble and ensuring that as much security as possible is provided to every organization to provide high quality services, without interruption to their own customers”, said Mr. M.I.Deen, Deputy Chief Enterprise & Wholesale Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT), the National ICT solutions provider, that has earned the reputation of being highly focused on offering the best in security solutions along with network services at value for money.