No.1 branded tea company, Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd – a subsidiary of the Sunshine Group – is working to drive a renaissance in local and global tea drinking culture with plans to launch a new luxury tea boutique at the One Galle Face Mall opening on the 8th of November.

Conceptualised to compete with the most high-end global tea retail formats, the new Zesta Luxury Tea Boutique will go beyond offering visitors access to the most premium and single-origin teas, additionally providing insights into the unique and varied flavour profiles, and optimal preparation techniques that weave together to create the perfect cup of Pure Ceylon Tea.

“Tea is a beverage which billions of people all around the world share a common appreciation for, and we take great pride in the fact that among tea connoisseurs, the rich and diverse flavours of Zesta’s single-origin and hand-crafted teas are considered to embody the Art of Tea itself. The new Zesta Luxury Tea Boutique represents the deep respect and admiration we extend to this loved beverage while further strengthening our position as the No.1 branded tea company,” Sunshine Holding’s Group Managing Director, Vish Govindasamy opined.

Produced in accordance with agricultural and manufacturing processes perfected over time, Zesta’s reputation for creating extraordinary Ceylon Tea stems from its unwavering commitment to quality – from the moment it is plucked on the cool highland slopes of Sri Lanka’s tea growing regions through to the moment it is brewed. Zesta is not only fresh, it is also filled with the passion and expertise that experienced Tea Masters channel into ensuring that every cup of Zesta tea is perfect.

Commenting on the same, Watawala Tea Ceylon CEO, Surith Perera said “Zesta and One Galle Face are a natural fit – with both brands offering best-of-class, premium products. Our goal is to bring forth a new appreciation for the perfect cup of tea by maintaining our commitment to creating products that at all times retain the intrinsic qualities that make Ceylon Tea unique and sought after for over a century.”

Situated on Level 2 inside the One Galle Face Mall, the Zesta luxury tea boutique will house an exquisite selection of teas carefully curated and sourced from the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka to offer tea gourmands a wholesome and indulgent experience. Visitors to the luxury boutique will be able to select from an exceptional selection of single estate harvests of black and green teas grown in the cool, misty climate at altitudes of over 6000 feet to a range of flavoured signature teas to suit even the most the discerning palate.

Zesta’s portfolio is further strengthened by luxurious and rare variants of white tea prized by the elite tea drinkers the world over for its exquisitely subtle flavour profiles and healing properties. Dressed in a vibrant and tasteful variety of packaging options, Zesta’s unique product portfolio is topped off with tea accessories that help tea-lovers to capture the best experiences in the Art of Tea in every cup.